Monday, November 26, 2012

Cool way to have a pet AND grow an herb garden all in one!

          So I came across this on someone's post on Facebook. It has to be one of the greatest inventions I have yet to see! I will be ordering one of these from the Kickstart page ASAP! I love having a fish tank. They are so relaxing to watch... but this takes the enjoyment even further. It cleans itself!!!! while watering and feeding plants on top of the tank!

Fun for families!          The filtering system pulls all the fish pooh and excess food through the rocks below and pipes it up to the upper platform where the plants are located. The plants then take in the water, eat the organic material, release clean water into a holding area that then sends the cleaned water back into the tank! What a wonderful way to have fish, grow herbs, and help clean the air a little in your home!!!! Please take a moment to help this company out on Kickstart. This is yet another wonderful project that will help improve our lives!

The Aquaponics Garden
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