Friday, November 23, 2012

Want to grow a better home garden or house plants while stopping waste?

          So you have decided you want to grow a better healthier more green home garden or house plants? Well this is an item what was posted about oh Facebook that is really awesome! It takes your food waste and turns it into compost with all the nasty smell mess. I will be looking into this for sure! I have a tone of waste from the skins and pits of the avocados I eat daily, there are meat and vegetable trimmings that are wasted as well. Heck not sure it will work on this compost but there are tons of coffee grounds I have as well. Better to put them to use instead of in the land fills!

This was be so awesome to have for all my house plants, my herbs each year, and for the small vegetable garden I will be growing this spring. It makes a 'tea' you can use to feed your plants and the 'raw' material is put in with you soil to become rich top soil in just a few months! What a great way to recycle you home food waste!

All Season Indoor Composter
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