Thursday, November 29, 2012

Clear findings of global warming

Courtesy of Ian Joughin
          It is sad in this day and age that anyone denies the effects of global warming. I have my questions on wither not humans are solely responsible for what is happening to our planet. That is because it seems our planet has gone through this many times in its past... but it seems we humans are unnaturally speeding the process up and perhaps causing a change that will never balance out again. But still there are those that like to believe it is not happening.

          Well here is a great article about come very clear findings that global warming and the ice caps melting is real. As a species we need to wake up and save ourselves before it is too late. The earth will carry on without us. The life on this planet will find a way to survive and carry one without us here. We are trying fighting to save the human species from extinction not the planet.
Courtesy of Ian Joughin

          So wake up and mess the ozone people! We as a species are racing to our doom. We have not yet hit the point of no return but we are rapidly reaching that point. Take a moment to read the full article at Popular Science.

(all images come from the article gallery. Do take a look at those images as they are beautiful but a warning of what is happening)
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