Tuesday, November 13, 2012

State of mind.... how important is it?

          A friend, Tressa, posted a great little picture today on Facebook that really made me stop and think about a persons mind set. In Paganism, or more specifically magical working traditions, one's mind set it the root of all things. Part of the training is learning to 'ground and center' which in essence is the practice of settling your mind... changing your mindset. Some practices even go so far as holding a blade to your throat before entering a circle and saying something along the lines of 'it is better you should rush upon this blade than to enter with fear in your heart.' (Thank you The Craft for showing that one really cool aspect of some magical traditions.)

          This is nothing more than changing your mindset. You are pushing the fears and dough that are in your mind out for the duration of the this working or ritual. But this is for our magical lives... but what about our daily lives?

          I firmly believe that one's mind set truly does dictate what kind of life you live. Those with positive mind sets see even the worst parts of their lives as a learning experience and take something away from it. I believe that is why I have lived as long and as healthy as I have, despite the medical issues that should have taken my life a long time ago. I have been able to pull myself out of deep dark places because I knew that it would pass... that I was strong and this was just another of life's journeys I needed to experience. And I always believe that it could be worse... life could ALWAYS be worse.

          I work hard to keep my positive mind set everyday in a world that is filled with negative human emotions and actions. I wake up, greet the new day, and smile (once I have fully awake) at the sun shining on my face. I am thankful for yet another day I have the chance to learn and experience life.
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