Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Curiosity's finding?....

          NASA is playing their little game of cat and mouse with the newest findings of the Curiosity Rover. It is likely that there is not much to truly be excited about. BUT what if there is? What if for the first time in the known history of human kind we have found evidence... TRUE evidence of life on another planet? What will it mean? What will happen to the fragile self-image of humankind?

          Well first off I believe we will find it sooner or later within our own solar system. If not moons then one of the moons of Jupiter or Saturn. But I do believe we will find it. I also believe for many it will be catastrophic to their beliefs. They will learn suddenly they are no longer the center of the universe. That they are not the pinnacle of all creating.

          But if means something else. If it is found on Mars then it means a planet can die. That a planet can go from support life to a sterile waste land. That will be a major awakening for humanity. It will mean our planet is fragile and we do need to take better care of it so what happened to Mars does not happen here.

          It also means that life is a lot heartier than we thought as well, if it is found a live on another planet or moon. It means that it will find a way to evolve not matter what. It also will be that our galaxy, our universe, is more than likely FILLED with life and has been for a long time. It means that civilizations have risen and fallen countless times through out the ages of our universe.

          And it means something else. It means though we are not solely unique, we are however all linked. That life is just as much a part of the make of the universe as protons and neutrons. That we ALL are a part of the very fabric of all creation.
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