One Druid's Rites

The video below is an example of ADF Solo ritual based of COoR (Core Order of Ritual) by Ian Corrigan:

The following is a Norse ADF ritual which was performed at Midnight Flame 9/2013. Thank you Flip for posting this to YouTube. It is another wonderful example of an ADF rite. Part 1

And here is Part 2 of the Midnight Flame 9/2013

I wanted to present my COoR Devotional Rite that I wrote and recorded for the Clergy Council as part of my ordination application:

The following are rites and rituals I have written and performed over the year which reflect an ADF Druid path:

For those that are interested in a more of a traditional Hellenic ritual cycle but tailored to fit into ADF take a look at the following articles:

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