Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Heavy Heart...

          Last night my partner and I sat down to watch a movie called 'The Age of Stupid.' It was hard to watch but it was very thought provoking. It is set in a not so distant future where humanity is no longer a living species on out planet. There is a single survivor who has put together a recording showing all the even'ts of the "past" which are OUR last 20 or so years. It shows the signs we have been refusing to accept... it shows the science giving us all the evidence we need to make radical changes NOW to save ourselves. Here is the movie for your viewing. Please watch this when you get the chance. As I watched it I actually teared up several times thinking about my own impact on the planet.

          There are things mentioned in this video that are just staggering. Like the idea that a single flight on an airplane is worth 3 years... 3 YEARS... of a single individuals carbon foot print! That is more than driving your car everyday! It is sickening to think about that.

          The other thing it made me realize is that we humans are shallow moronic individuals. In the movie there is a man trying to build a wind farm in the country side with a farmer. Both want the site built but the town fights them tooth and nail... why? Because it will obstruct their view. Really? What about the fact that the view will soon die... more than likely to NEVER come back or at least not in many generations of humans? You are telling me that your view is more important than alternative clear energy? Really? It is arguments like this which seriously make me think it would be for the best that our species is wiped from the face of the planet.

          One important thing that is said in the movie is that "One person making a change will do nothing." This is sadly true to a great extent. But I have hopes that one person making changes will wake up others who will begin to make changes and through them even more people will make changes. I have already replaced all my lights with LED lighting. Yes it was costly and I did it over several months but it has dramatically dropped my power bill. I recycle all the glass and metal I can in my home. I compost left overs where I can. I have even started using the mush from my brews in composting. There are so many things that are little things that can make a difference... HUGE differences that will go a long way to helping us save our planet.

          We MUST wake as a species. We MUST declare war on climate change as our life depends on changes being made NOW. If we do not then we as a species are doomed... and rightfully so. The planet will move one without us... we however will not move on without the planet.
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