Friday, July 19, 2013

Product of our actions

          Sometimes it is very hard to see the results of our actions. It is hard to see how our life styles effect our world. Many of us are happy to ignore and be ignorant of these effects because... well it is just much easier to do so. I am here to be one of the many that will do everything I can to force others into seeing the effects.

          Everyday we throw trash into a bin of some sort (unless you are one of those people that throws it on the ground. Then SHAME UPON YOU!!!). We do not think for a single moment what happens to this trash. All we know is someone comes and empties the bin, replaces the liner, and we are free to continue dumping more trash. But this trash ends up in unexpected places. It ends up having unexpected results, at least to many people in our world. Do not realize just how much of our trash ends up in our creeks, streams, and rivers which of course then finds its way into our oceans. I am sure some of you say what does it matter? Well the video below shows you WHY it matters.

          Here are a few images of the massive trash islands that are forming around the world. When you look at these and wonder who is to blame remember this... you are, I am, we ALL are. Do your part... recycle everything you can possibly recycle. If it is recycled it cannot end up in our waters poisoning the animals, us, and our planet.

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