Friday, February 14, 2014

Garbage Warrior - Documentary of the evolution of a revolution

For all those who want to learn more about Earthship homes and sustainable living watch this incredible documentary of the evolution of a revolution. The more I have researched living sustainable living the more Earthship homes seem the way to go. You can combine the technology of superadobe building with the technology of Earthships.

Imagine a home where nature provides everything you need, where your home is completely off grind, completely self-sustaining. Earthships gather water from rain and snow for use. They gather solar for heating, cooking, lighting, and modern conveniences. They provide you with fresh fruits, vegetables, and even fish. They recycle the water used in everyday tasks for drinking, washing, waste removal, and even hydration of plants. All the while you have not power, water or sewage builds. All the while you have a carbon NEGATIVE footprint because you are removing more than you are putting out! It is a way of life we should all strive towards and can do it NOW, with modern technology and still have the comforts we all desire. 

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