Thursday, August 9, 2012

Our Freedoms!

One of the things we pride ourselves on in this country is the First Amendment of the US Constitution. Just about everything we do and say is a result of this idea we cling to so desperately. Why is it then that we are allowing this freedom to be slowly taken away from us? What is that you say? “How can it be taken away from us?” Well let’s take a look at just it IS being taken away from us through a few examples shall we?
Congress is passing a bill that will limit the ability to demonstrate outside military funerals. This of course is a major setback for the Westboro Baptist Church, who loves to hold protests at, military funerals say “U.S. soldiers have been killed as God's vengeance for gay tolerance.

The secondary example is there is legislation trying to be passed that would make it illegal to make fun or speak out about Islamic practitioners. I am all for people practicing whatever religion they want as long as it does not violate local, state, and federal laws. I think freedom of religion should be protected, but not at the cost of the First Amendment. Just as Muslims have the right to believe what they want, we in this country have the right to ‘say’ what we want about them as long as we stay within the law.

This nation is facing so many challenges because we cannot follow our own Constitution. We have freedom of Speech, we have freedom of religion, but we also have separation of Church and state. That was placed in our Constitution to help prevent any one religion from taking power over everyone else. In the media, in everyday life, groups and individuals like to talk about how this or that nation has lost its way. We need to look at our own country and realize one thing, we ARE losing what this nation stands for because we are allowing our freedoms to be stripped away from us by those that we vote into office.
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