Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Never Regret...

          Some years back I was faced with a situation that I feared greatly. I wanted to turn away from it and run! But I willed myself to go forward with it because there was a part of me that really wanted it. So I did... the whole time I had to fight my fear... I had to tell myself it was OK that the world would not end just because I was doing this thing. When it was over I not only had the best time in a long time, I actually felt free. I got in my jeep... the top was off and it was fall in Atlanta... as I drove through town a whisper of many voices was in my ear say "You expected nothing. You feared nothing. You regretted nothing. You are now free!"

          So to this day, when faced with a situation or a choice I have to make I remember that fall day in Atlanta when I did not let fear, or expectations, or even regret overwhelm me. I remember the chance I took and how free I felt afterwards. And I say my silent prayer "I expect nothing. I fear nothing. I regret nothing. Therefor I am FREE!"
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