Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Where you find yourself in life...

          I know that at times in our lives we can find we are not where we want to be... and in those times we wonder how we got where we were. But there is one thing that is true... we are where we are because of the choices we have made and we allow ourselves to stay where we are. It might not always be our doing that brought us to the situation we are currently in... but it ourselves that keep us there.

          What has spurred this is a friend's posting on Facebook about people using the phrase 'get a job' to others. This was brought up because of what so many companies do to their employees. Well here is my thought on the subject. You are the only person preventing you from leaving the job you are at. There are other jobs out there. The economy is not nearly as bad as the news paints. I live in Northwest Arkansas where there aren't many jobs to start with yet I see hiring signs all the time. Many times people do not want to go to a job they see as beneath them. Well as they say a job is a job. A paycheck is food on the table.

          Also I keep hearing people say that 'minimum wage isn't enough. Well I am sure for a family it is not enough. I know I worked a minimum wage job AND went to school full time all the while I lived alone and paid my bills. If you are unhappy with your minimum wage job then think about why you cannot get a job above minimum wage... it is education? If it is education well fix it. Get your GED... get a two year degree. There are so many programs to help you can get an education out there. You just have to look.

          I have someone in my life that is always struggling. They can never seem to get ahead in their life. When you look at where they are and where they have been it is easy to see a pattern. The pattern is the husband will not do what is needed to make the money the family needs. Personal comfort is coming before family comfort. I suggested instead of paying 800-1000 a month in a mortgage they can't afford go get an apartment in town to reduce the cost of living. That was rejected because the 'boys' needed to be outdoors running and playing. While I see the value in this, what is more important? Food, cloths, and a stable roof over their heads or the ability to have acres upon acres to run and play? Also the wife is staying home to take care of the kids, only one is left at home during the day. She could be working on an education at the local community college while she is staying home. This would be funded easily through Pell great and student loans. All she needs to do is make the effort. It would change that families life. They would have some extra money to live off of while she is in school from the student loans. But instead they stay where they are, refusing to make the changes that are needed.

          Of course I have not won any friends with this view point. But we stay where we are in life because we choose to stay there. You can always change your life. You can always make different choices that will further your goals in life. Just have the courage to do so.
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