Monday, November 26, 2012

Grow your own mushrooms at home with Back to the Roots

          This is the same company that is offering the kickerstart The Aquaponics Garden. This is a cardboard box which recycles coffee grounds into a mushroom farm. So if you love mushrooms here is your chance to order a home growing kit from a wonderful company, Back to the Roots, which uses recycled materials. What a wonderful way to reclaim growing our own food while being environmentally friendly!

          The cool thing about this is there is no shelf life because the mushrooms are growing there in the box. The kit allows you to grow 1 1/2 lbs of mushrooms! I get way excited about these kinds of things. Take a look at the kit.

          People are always asking for items like this... well here they are. Help keep them going and help out our planet and your wallet at the same time! If we do not purchase these kinds of products wonderful companies like Back to the Roots cannot stay in business. So help out! Visit their site and order a kit or two!
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