Thursday, November 15, 2012

Solar Energy Farm... Google has the right idea!

Gallery of the Day: Bird's eye view of Google's solar thermal plant          Who says that Google is completely evil? Take a look at what they are doing. This is a great large scale solar power farm. We need to have more of these kinds of things to help create an oil free future (though totally oil free isn't likely as plastic contains oil...but! you get the point). This is being built in the Mojave Desert in California.

          In the United States we have a great deal of desert area that really cannot be used for much. These places are extremely sunny, get very little cloud cover, or bad weather (barring sand storms of course). So these places make really wonderful location for solar farms. So what is the problem? Why aren't move of these being built?

          One of the biggest reason is cost... yes it will cost a great deal to transition from oil/coil to ANY new power system as we already have an established infrastructure. But think of the rewards this will bring. We will no longer be required to give money to other nations for oil to fuel our cars and power factories. Power generation in our country will be solely the property of the US (or the companies who invest in the farming). We can lower the cost of power bills for the average American... which they can then invest in more efficient appliances and lighting. That in turn frees even more money for people to buy and spend on the things they want. It is a snow ball effect which we are in desperate need of.
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