Sunday, April 7, 2013

An Invocation to Hekate

O Hecate, Triple One, Moon Maiden, Mother and Crone beautiful, awesome and wise we call to you. 

Beautiful Hecate in maiden form ever watchful of all worlds traveling to the heaven, earth, sea and down below, you who stands at the crossroads Queen of mysteries, Goddess of all, we look to you for strength in all endeavors. 

We call to you!

Maternal Hecate in the mother form; lovely loving protector of pregnant women and guardian of the threshold of life we invoke you for healthy babies coming into this world, and healthy mothers giving life. Goddess of Transformation, you who holds the knife that cuts the cord from birth to life, and life to death, be with us.

We call to you!

Crone Hecate seer of all knowing, all secrets of life and death we invoke you to see deep into the past and beyond the future. Through you we may speak to the ancestors and to unborn generations, guide us.

We call to you!

O Hecate, weaver of lives, keeper of the hounds, guardian of the gate, acknowledge us, who, by our own choice have chosen to listen to your voice. Help us spread Wisdom, Truth, Love and Light.
We call to you!

Bright and Blessed Hecate, 
Come to you at this time of magic,
When life is at its peak and death has waned,
We make offerings to you and ask that you be with us now!

Glorious Hecate accept our offerings!
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