Monday, November 19, 2012

A different view on Creation...

          One of the first stories taught to youths in nearly all cultures is one of creation. It sets the foundation for the framework in which we build our worldviews on, from how we view the world around us, even how we view ourselves. For we Aourians (a term I use when speaking of those who have a ‘gay’ soul), there is a lack of creation myths that give us a place in the workings of the universe. Therefore it is our responsibility to create our own myths when none are available to us. By creating our own myths we reach into the unknown to rediscover our place within the universe.

          Similar beliefs can be found within animism, where the thought is that every object has a spirit that lives within it. The spirits are all part of a larger spirit that is the origin of all life. It is believed that many of these principles are the foundation of magick, like the belief that there are spirits that make up even the basis of the elements themselves. This gave primitive man a great respect for all of life in its many forms. They realized that they were neither above nature nor the center of it either… they knew they were part of nature, a part of the never ending-cycle of life.

          In many Eastern and Near Eastern religions these myths were shaped around the events of the heavens, the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth. Many of these faiths have a deity that rules over every aspect of creation, from the stars that give life to planets, down to the tiniest of creatures that crawl upon the earth. As with animism, the Eastern and Near Eastern have a great respect for nature and their place within it. This creates the idea that we are a part of nature not a part from nature.

          Within Christianity the purpose for creation was to bring into existence a being that would worship the Creator. The deity simply took the time to carefully create every aspect of the universe; everything has its purpose, its use. It the creation myth the Creator created man from the ashes and dirt of the earth in his image. Then from man the Creator fashioned a companion for this new follower. From the scripture of the Christian faith, the world was created so that man would have a place in which to live, a place to dominate and reign as a gift for worshiping the Creator. When we begin to see ourselves apart from nature we begin to lose the knowledge of whom and what we really are.

          Just as life has evolved through time, our outlook on creation and spiritually should evolve as well. Our intelligence gives us the ability to look beyond what was taught to us in our younger years, to see life, as it should be viewed. All things are a part of creation; all things are equal to one another no matter what their place in the world.

          I have always been very fond of looking at life with scientific eyes. Many believe to have faith in spirituality means you cannot have belief in science, and vice versa. On the contrary, I have always felt like there is no reason why science and spirituality cannot go hand in hand. Over the years I have slowly come to form my own view of creation. Science has taught me that all life evolved from single celled organisms. From the single cell all life divide into the beautiful array of species we see today. Yet with all of the evolution of millions upon millions of years we still have single celled organisms. Our bodies themselves are made up of 1st gendered cells as it was in the beginning. I believe this is the best point to resent my vision of creation to help explain the views I hold about gender and our place within life. Stories of creation are what form our views on life, even at a very young age. This version of Creation was inspired and a much modified form of Starhawk’s Creation myth in her book Earth Spiral.

“In the beginning, before the start of time itself, the Aour, the Great Spirit that is the essence all things, floated in the outer darkness of the abyss, shapeless, unaware. In the darkness there was only motionless silence. As the eons pasted the Aour began to awaken, to slowly move, the first stir of thought came into being.”

“As the Aour began to move, it took form, becoming conscious of itself, it saw its own brilliant light reflected in the emptiness of all that was. As the Aour focused on the reflection, the image began to take the shape of a being, the very likeness of the Aour and the Aour fell in love with it. The Aour drew the being to Itself and called it Awen, the “Living Spirit.” The Aour poured all the power within itself into the Awen, thus creating its equal. They were drawn explicitly to one another, dancing in the first attractions of love.”

“As they came together, separate beings yet the same, they made love to one another. The Aour and the Awen became swollen with love, with passion, with desire. Their love sent waves of energy into the abyss. The waves began to vibrate throughout the darkness, creating patterns the echoed throughout the darkness. In a moment of great release their ecstasy burst forth into the Great Song of all that is, was, and ever shall be. With the Great Song came a new motion, waves of their energy that poured into the darkness and became all the spheres of the stars and all the worlds. In the last throws of passion the two Great Spirits gave birth to a rain of bright spirits, a reflection of themselves that filled all the worlds which became all beings, the patterns began to echo through all of creation.”

“In that great movement, Awen was swept away, and as Awen moved out from the Aour, the movement in the patterns began to divide the Awen into two separate beings. Each part became different, opposite of from other. As the Awen began to change so did the spirits in which it had given birth to. One turned feminine, magnetic, a force that pulls all to Her. The other turned masculine, electric, becoming the essence of growth. The feminine being first became the Mother Goddess, the Cradle of all life. Then She became Mother Nature, the Spirit of all living things. At last She became the Star Goddess, She whose body is all the living worlds themselves and their eternal resting place. The masculine being first became the Sky Father, the gentle God of the heavens. Then He became the Green God, vine-covered, the Spirit of all growing things. At last He became the Horned God, the Hunter, the Great Sacrifice, He who gives his body so that all may live again. Just as the two Great Spirits danced with one another, so did the new forms of Awen began to dance to the echo all the patterns of movement. The overwhelming desire to return to the wholeness of the Aour in love compels them to encircle each other eternally, seeking union as the Awen once again.”

“As with the dance of the Aour and the Awen, each dance of union brings forth life, each life a reflection of all creation, each creation seeking to return to the Great Aour in love. All began in love; all seek to return to love. Love is the law, the teacher of wisdom, and the great revealer of mysteries.”

          As I believe that being gay is a reflection of the Aour, I see heterosexuals as a reflection of the divine that was created at the beginning of time, that of the Awen. From the one act of love from the Aour for the Awen, in essence Itself, ended the reign of the one Spirit. It created two other forms of spirit, that of wholly male and that of wholly female. From these creations all the worlds are filled with a great diversity, a diversity that should be respected and nurtured.

          As time passed Nature did what she does best, changed things. Life evolved from single celled, 1st gendered creatures, to more complex creatures such as fish, cats, dogs, and humans just to name a few. Even with life evolving the Aour would not be denied the presence of being in physical form. So as males and females came into being some began to form into the reflection of the Aour as gay, lesbian, and bisexual beings. So in the end I do see being gay not only a physical and mental factor but also one of Spirit, for the only part of us that is truly immortal is that of the spirit and that is the part that we become with all the other parts are left behind.
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