Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Meditation/Prayer Beads for a Druid

I am one of those people that have almost an uncontrollable need to fidget with something throughout the day. It started when I was in the sixth grade and continues even to today. This has really been an issue when it comes to my daily meditation and prayers. Years ago, a therapist told me that my subconscious was restless, which is what caused part of the issue. She taught me that if I used an object like a writing pen or pencil, I could learn to do a type of spinning technique that would create a rhythmic behavior that would help me to still my subconscious mind. It worked!

But this technique really is not fitting for use during meditation and prayer for me. So I decided that by creating a set of meditation beads I would have a tool that would help me walk through the steps of my works but it would also help me by giving me something to do with my hands while I worked. Each bead has its own meaning, as you will see in the prayer/meditation listing below. This allows my subconscious mind and even my conscious find a point of focus

I wanted to share this technique in case there were others it might help. The following is an image of my beads as well as the prayer/meditation I use for each bead on the set. There are large wooden beads that are used for the individual prayer/meditation points. The large clear glass beads are used for my mantra “I am Druid, I am Light, I am Divine.” This helps me to create the link between each prayer. The smaller metal and wooden beads are used for silent reflection and connection at each step. Of course I have the beads set into groups of three that reflect the Three Hallows, the Three Realms, and the Three Kindreds.

  • As the roots of the Great Oak I am rooted deep within the Earth. My roots growing ever deeper into the wisdom of times past, deep into the great well, deep into the great underworld seas of rebirth.
  • As the body of the Great Oak grows in the mortal world fulfilling the needs both of kindred and mortal alike, I too grow within the mortal realm; bringing virtue, piety, and wisdom to all in the light of Truth.
  • As the branches of the Great Oak reach into the heavens, to the fire of the heavens, seeking connection with the Shinning Ones, I reach to further my connection with the Gods. As the Great Oak opens the path to the heavens in return, I open the path for ours to reach the home of the Gods.
  • I honor the Land within which I live, upon you I stand firmly with my animal and plant brethren, a fulcrum in the mortal realm. I seek all your hallowed places which will lead me to further connection with you.
  • I honor the Sea which gave birth to all things, within you I drift freely with my brethren of fin, in the cradle of all living things. I seek your depths which will lead me to further connection with you.
  • I honor the Sky  which my out stretched arms reach for, within you I fly towards the heavens with my feathered brethren, the home of the gods. I seek your unlimited boards to further my connection with you.
  • I honor you Kindred of Nature; creatures of flesh and spirit with which I share this, the middle world. Be my guide, my friend, my structure as I walk in light, the path of Truth.
  • I honor you Kindred of the dead; great ancestors, those who came before, readying all the paths we walk upon today. Be my guide, my friend, my conscious as I walk in light, the path of Truth.
  • I honor you Kindred of the gods; great shining spirits of the heavens, those who keep the order of the universe so that all possibilities are open to us. Be my guide, my friend, my inspiration as I walk in light, the path of Truth.
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