Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Building and Structure green and garden spaces...

This is how we need to be living... our building and structure need to be the home of gardens... of spaces which bring nature back into our lives in the most fundamental ways.

Man has separated himself too far from the Earth Mother. He has decided that he is not a part of the wild, of nature... when this is nothing more than a foolish lie in which he tells himself.

Through projects like this we can begin to start rejoining the rest of our planet. We can become one with nature again while we are generating greens spaces to help correct the environmental issues we as a species have triggered. Let all of humanity move towards this... let us once more re-join with our fellow animals and be as the Great Earth Mother intended for us to be.

I hear all the time people say they don't have the space for a garden... that they live in a small apartment. This is not an excuse that works. I hear them say... I don't have a green thumb... this is not an excuse, there are plants you can grow that only need to be watered every now and then to grow properly. I live in a 600 sq ft one bedroom apartment in the middle of town. I have a green space that is wonder simply because I decided to stop making excuses and actually do something about growing some plants. I grow nearly all the herbs I use for cooking and making tea. This is just a few of the plants I have. The majority of them are only seasonal... they die off each year and I replant in the spring. Some of the herbs like my rosemary, sage, and mints all grow back on their own each year. Tomato plants are easy... water them... feed them once a month and you have food all summer long.
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