Friday, October 12, 2012

Perspective... how important are we really?

          Some years ago I was sent a series of photos that showed the perspective of the planets of our solar system to that of our sun... then our sun to a series of 'local' stars... and then those 'local' stars to other stars in the universe. Well let me tell you it was a VERY humbling experience.

          We humans in general have this idea that we are the greatest thing in all of creation. We believe that we are the pinnacle of all of creation. Well I am here to tell you that is a false ideology. Yes we are special, just as all life is special, but the Universe itself is the pinnacle of all creation. It is amazing, it is vast, it is overwhelming when you begin to think about the true size of what is out there... what is beyond our tiny little blue covered rock.

          Take a moment to look these images over... really look at them and think about the scale of size and the VAST number and amount of 'stuff' in the known universe... then tell me we are the pinnacle of creation with a clear conscious.

          So first let us look at humans to scale with other mammals oh the planet:

So compared to some of the animals on this planet humans are pretty darn small. Take into perspective things that we build... say the statue of liberty to a rig:

As you can see a human is TINY compared to some of the man-made structures. And the Statue of Liberty compared to other more modern structures:

Even on a planetary scale we humans are so very very small. So let us take a look at the scale of the planets in our solar system and beyond:

          Soooo.... got a bit of perspective on our size and importance in the grand scale the Universe? How about the fact there are about 200-400 billion stars in our galaxy alone. There are about 80-100 billion galaxies in the observable universe.... seeing how LARGE stars are do you see now how small our place is in the universe? Can you see just how precious our little spot of blue truly is?

          When you begin to understand the scale of of the universe around you, life also becomes even more important because if even a small fraction of worlds held life there would still be more emptiness than there is life. So why do we so wantingly destroy ourselves and our planet?

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