Thursday, October 11, 2012

Divination part 7: My view and understanding of the function of the Seer.

          There are many things a Seer can be with just as many possible functions they can perform. A Seer by definition is ‘a prophet; a person who sees visions’ (Ehrlich, Flexner and Carruth, Oxford American Dictionary- Heald Colleges Edition 818). I don’t view Seers as being limited to future sight only, but those
who can have visions or a ‘knowing’ of the past, present events that are hidden to most, and all possible
future events. I do believe that some are even direct conduits to the divine themselves.

          Seers can be ‘finders’ of lost things or people. In modern times we have those we call ‘psychics’ who help law enforcement agencies find lost children and adults. There are Seers who function as fortune tellers, giving people one possible outcome of the path they are currently on. While there are others who work as spiritual counselors, using their abilities to look deep inside a person to find the root cause of the current issues in their lives.

          Then you have those that serve as a type of lesion between the divine and humanity. These Seers use their gifts to divine the will of the divine for the people. We in ADF, have Seers who take the Omen. The Omen is our way of connecting with the Kindreds, so that we might know their will.

          Overall I feel that Seer’s are those who divine ‘Truth’. They are those who define the fabric and flow of time. They are those that ‘see’ and divine the will of the Kindred. Seers are one of the most valuable members of any religious organization.
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