Thursday, October 11, 2012


          So as a Druid I want to do what is best for Mother Earth as possible. One of the things I have done is changed over from buying paperback books to an e-reader (still buy hardbacks of my favorite authors, which are few). The price of them are falling and their energy use is very very low. Plus I get some really great books for free or at a nice low cost. Also you can barrow books from the library in e-reader formats.

          I currently have a Nook by B&N. I love my Nook. I only have to charge it about ever other month. I found that I read so much more since getting it as well. I take it everywhere I go. I am averaging about 5-6 books per month now where it was 1-2 books every two months. I can carry TONS of books with me for resource and research. I am also in the process of learning how to turn my current books into e-format that are out of print.

          So not only am I reducing the trees that I consume for books I am also reducing the amount of energy to cut those trees, process them into paper, print the books, ship them to stores, the gas to go buy them at a store that consumes large amounts of energy to runs lights and environmental controls. Over all it is a HUGE saving that allows me to help reduce my carbon footprint over all. Plus I am starting to use my solar egg to recharge my Nook with. So even charging has become green.

          So what are you waiting for? Switch to an e-reader! Be green and show your love to our Earth Mother.
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