Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Coexist sticker....

          So there was a posting on Facebook today that I really liked. I really like what this has to say:

I have always believed that no matter what all paths lead to the same place, no matter how you see. So why is it that some feel the need to tell you that you are wrong for believing the way you do? Why do they feel the need to try and force their way upon us? If I am living a good life, living by a set of morals and ethics, then why is my way not good enough? Well for me it is good enough. If you can not respect that this is MY journey and not your then our paths will diverge for the remainder of this life.

          The Sufi have the belief that all paths that follow a path of light and love are true paths. They believe that all religions should be accepted as valid. If you talk with the Dalai Lama, which I had the chance too at Emory University some years back, you will learn that Buddhist feel the same way. Most Pagans feel this way as well. Even within the Druid tradition I follow we believe that each persons spiritual journey is very individual, that it is a path that we can only provide skill and training to help you find your own way.

          So why is it that the only religions that are forceful about their believes the ones that only worship one god? Why is it that monotheism is so totalitarian? I find it most interesting that they cannot just leave people in peace, to practice what they believe. It makes me wonder if they believe in what they preach because in my experience those that are so forceful with their ways are usually the ones that are least certain about their beliefs.
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