Monday, October 15, 2012

Divination part 8: The importance and value of divination as it relates to ADF

          Within the context of ADF the importance of divination can have various meanings. But off all the possible values divination can have one stands out the most, that of seeking knowledge of approval concerning our actions and offerings as Druids.          

          Within ADF, we work our rituals to honor the Kindred and to create a reciprocal relationship with them. Through offerings of praise or through dedicated rituals, we forge the alliance which we are seeking. However, how are we to know if our efforts are accepted? How are we to know that the Kindred are pleased with our works and wish to return the love and connection?          

          Only through divination, more specifically the omen, can we truly see how our offerings accepted. It is our way to ‘know’ how all our efforts are received by the Kindred. As stated in the in Dedicant Manual, “In Druidic ritual, we also often divine to determine whether the spirits are pleased with our work, whether our offerings have been accepted, whether our work is headed for a good outcome, and what kind of power is being offered by the spirits.” (DP Handbook, new edition, page 45)

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