Monday, October 8, 2012

Divination part 5: Purpose of divination

          Divination is a broad and varying field. As many ways as people can find to focus their minds there will be new ways to perform divination. The art and science of divination stretches back over the written history of humanity and possibly to our very origins. But what is divination? What purpose does it server?

          By the strictest definition divination is ‘foretelling future events or discovering hidden knowledge (Ehrlich, Flexner and Carruth, Oxford American Dictionary 252).’ But looking over the history of the Indo-European cultures it was more than this. Divination was used not only to see the future but also to see the past (Bonewits 179-180). There is another aspect that seems to have been a larger function of divination in its many forms, that of diving the will of the gods. Divination on a personal level is a tool for guidance. It allows me to see possible outcomes of actions before I decide to take them. Through this use I can learn which way might be the best choice in the matter. For years, it has also been a tool which allowed me to help friends on a spiritual level when paths in their lives have been uncertain. Since coming to ADF, I have taken to heart Omen reading in my devotionals and rituals. They are my tool for understanding what the Kindreds wish for me to know.

          Divination has always been a very important part of my life. It has grown in value to advice and guidance to me through the years and with all I am learning about my spirituality, it can only grow further in the future.
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