Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Divination part 6: Relative importance and effect of divination within my personal spiritual practice

          For as long as I can remember, divination in some fashion has been a part of my life. So it is only natural that is should be a central point in my personal spiritual practice. But how it plays a role varies depending on the situation.

          Many times I use divination tools during daily devotionals to my patrons to receive Their guidance. I see this as a chance for Them to speak to me through a tool which I understand and that eases communication between us.

          When I am having difficulty deciding how a ritual should be written or what the focus should be I find myself turning my to divination tools to see what the out come would be. Many times I have altered rituals or in some cases completely rewritten them because I had gotten an unfavorable reading. One case being the ritual I was writing for a public Beltane 2008 rite. I wanted to do the ritual for Demeter and Hermes. The more I focused on the ritual the more the divination's kept showing disaster awaiting me. Finally, I took the advice of my Senior Druid and asked who I should do the ritual for. The cards showed the ritual should be to Gaia not Demeter. I then asked how such a ritual would go. I received a very favorable reading saying things would go well.

          There are times when I use my divination tools to help me understand confusing dreams I may have. I have found it a great asset to have skills in Tarot when unraveling the complex web that dreams can be, or in some cases the prophetic dreams I have from time to time.

          Over all, divination isn't just an important part of my spiritual practice. It is a part of who I am and as such is a tool I rely on heavily. I carry some kind of divination tool with me everywhere I go in life.
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