Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What you really are saying....

Dear friends and family who are thinking about voting for Mitt Romney,

When you are reading about hos own or his surrogates' comments about the gays, replace "gays" with John & my name.

For example:
...John & David shouldn't be allowed to marry.
John & David getting married is a threat to families.
John & David cannot be good parents.
John & David doesn't love each other, it is only lust.
John & David are "fixable" with electroshock therapy and physiological torture.
John & David, is what is wrong with this country.
David deserved to get beat up every day in school and be called Fag, Queer, and many other names.
David deserved to be raped so the straight boys could show him his rightful place.

I hope this contextualizes the argument for you. The "gay movement" is about people who are in love and want to spend their lives together. It's about legal recognition and protection of our commitment to each other. There are a lot of issues out there, but this is one I will never let go of. This is a fight for my rights as an individual, as your friend/family member, as an American citizen, and as a human being.

I can not vote for someone who sees some Americans as second class citizens, I can't vote for someone who doesn't believe in equal rights for all people. Nor would I want to vote for you. But I hope you realize that by supporting him you are saying you don'e believe I should be happy, that I should be punished for who I am and that my love is worth less than your love. You are saying that I don't have nor should have the rights all Americans. I'm not saying you have to vote Obama, but this is what it means if you vote for Romney.
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