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Magic 1 for Priests Part 9

9. Purification Work – Provide and explain one example of purification magic from an Indo-European culture, and write an ADF-style purification working based on that example. (minimum 150 words for example explanation)

                One of the most prominent figures in Norse mythology is that of Thor and his hammer Mjölnir. Though much of the time we envision Thor as a force of protection and destruction he was known to play a role in ancient Norse culture as both a god of hallowing and purification. With Mjölnir Thor was able to banish hostile forces while purifying since the two are not mutually exclusive (D. McCoy, Thor). We can see the use of the hammer in the story of Thor disguised as the Bride Thrym, Freya. As the story goes, Thor’s hammer had been stolen by the giant Thrym which he would not return until Freya married him. So Thor dressed as Freya and escorted by Loki went to Jotunheim to retrieve Mjölnir. During the ceremony, the giant called Mjölnir to hallow the wedding and placed the hammer onto Thor’s lap. It was then that Thor kicked Thrym and all those attending the wedding (D. McCoy, Thor the Transvestite).

                As discussed in requirement three, the Norse culture used Rune-Galdor to explore the inner world to bring changes to the real world. Through Bind-Runes, “… combinations of two or more rune-staves,…” (Thorsson, Northern Magic - Rune Mysteries & Shamanism 118), we can enhance this power of purification further, especially when it comes to internal conflicts that prevent an individual from progressing in life.

                As someone who suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder triggered by Post Traumatic Syndrome, I wanted to find a magical purification that would help me with the healing that was needed. I had spent many years in therapy to release much of the emotional traumata, but there were still lingering fears that were poisoning my life. So I decided to create a magical solution to aide in this work. I had just recently started learning a lot more of the use of Runes in magic so that’s where I started.
                Years ago I had created a Thor’s hammer which was used for our old Grove’s Norse rituals, especially for Yule vigil. It was an item I kept once the Grove broke up, using it in many of my own rites which were of a Norse tradition. I figured this would also be useful in this magical endeavor since Thor and his hammer were used for such purification. The following is the working I did to create the personal purification from these old pains.

Elhaz for awakening of the Higher Self

Dagaz for awakening to truth of reality

Thurisaz for release of unconscious struggles


Ansuz for mental stability through transformation


Perthro for personal evolutionary change


Hagalaz for creating harmony through changing personal past


Isa for self-control in all things to see these changes through



Vash Tal to seal & empower the Bindrune



BindRune to be drawn on both forearms, chest, and forehead in red ink.

Chant:  “zd thephi”

The Thor’s hammer is used to create sacred space. The Sacred Fire is lit in the cauldron filled with herbal tincture. Then held out before me with both hands praying to Thor to cleanse and release me from the past: ‘Hail mighty Thor! Bringer of thunder, wielder of Mjölnir. I call and beseech to bring release of my past pain and cleanse me of the ills that hold me back! Might Thor empower this BindRune of release and renewal! Let me be free!”

Making the sign of the Hammer over my body while chanting the BindRune & holding it firmly in mind: “Zd Thephi”

The chant is repeated until the flames completely consume the tincture. The BindRune is worn until it fades from skin over the next few days.

When I performed this working, I was not fully prepared for the results. Within an hour of finishing, my partner of 11 years called me saying he was freezing and feeling like he was being pushed. He wasn’t sure what was happening so he was on his way home. The next morning he woke up to tell me that he did not want to be with me anymore. That he felt that I was pushing him away and I had changed from the person I was. He also told me that I needed to move out because he had been seeing another person and they wanted to be together.

I was shattered. All the pain of my past came flooding to the surface like a boil on the skin rupturing. At first I was in complete panic but it quickly passed in a few days. I moved out to get my own place for the first time in my life. Though I was completely alone I had never felt so free. I was able to deal with things from the past which I had only buried so I did not have to deal with them.

I am still healing from the wounds being opened, but I know now that I am actually healing. I am no longer holding on to the past pains and damage that was preventing me from moving forward with my life. I graduated college, got a wonderful job and found someone that was my equal who complemented me instead of being my contrast.
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