Friday, May 24, 2013

A Wheel of the Year Demetrian Grain Cycle... ADF style!

          Those that know much about me know I am a major devotee of Demeter. I am so much of a devotee that I created an Order within ADF called Demeter and Eleusinian Order. The Order is dedicated to creating a modern tradition based on the Eleusinian Mysteries for those within ADF.

          To that effect I have designed a ritual cycle that is centered around the traditional grain cycle which was observed in ancient Hellenic culture. Here is a preliminary outline of festivals for a Demetrian Grain Ritual cycle. I have changed these around so they are better suited the North American seasons, especially as ours difference so much from that in Greece. most of these will fall nicely into the traditional Neo-Pagan 8 High Days. This is nice because then anyone can following this cycle and still be meeting the ADF 8 High Days, with a few modifications and time frames extended just a bit. It would be appropriate as well to add a couple of extra festival days to honor Demeter and Persephone/Kore for those High Days that don't quiet fit into this cycle.

          Please let me know what you think. I am also attaching my Lunar Calendar. It’s a bit off but I am still learning how the lunar calendars worked. There seems to be some missing data. I am looking for some better resources for this part.

Rites of Proerosia (depending on weather)
Pre-plowing rites
Stenia Festival
Barren earth to fertile earth

Rites of Arkichronia
Earth & Underworld Powers combine as one

Thesmophoria Proper
Sacred Laws of Demeter

The Greater Mysteries
Sacred Drama, final initiation
Rites of Kalligenia
Rejoicing of Kore’s assent
Festival of Haloa
New growth
Festival of Chloaia
Festival of flowers
The Lesser Mysteries
Purification, leaving behind of the old, first level of initiation

The first harvest
Honoring of Triptolemos, Demeter’s herald
Rites of Nestia
Saddness of Demeter

Skira Festival
Maiden’s Descent

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