Saturday, May 4, 2013

A new way of going green... let the plant be your guiding light!


          We are always hearing about how we need to go green. how we need to reduce the energy use, find new ways of lighting the world... Well here is an amazing way to do that. What if our very plants and trees could become the lights of our world. In the movie Avatar we were immersed in a world where the entire forest was bio-luminescent. This is a wonderful miraculous fantasy world that fills us with a sense of magic.

          Well what if we could really have a world like this? What if we could replace all outdoor lighting with bio-engineered plants and trees which glowed, filling our world with light and beauty? What if all the energy draining street lights, home lighting, and such were gone... replaced with air cleaning glowing plants? The world could become a much cleaner safer healthier place.

          There is a company trying to do just that. Here is the article from Replace Your Lights With These Genetically Engineered Glow-Plants. Their goal is to start this revolution. I for one am all ready for this kind of change. bio-engineered technology has the ability to save us as a human race while giving us the tools to help reduce and even reverse the harm we keep inflicting on our planet. Here is the KickStarter page for the company: Glowing Plants: Natural Lighting with no Electricity
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