Sunday, September 16, 2012

2210: The Collapse? - National Geographic Channel

So I have been watching this movie by National Geographic. It is one that is powerful when you really allow it to sink in. We are so close to a great collapse of everything we know, sending us back into a dark age, even worse than what we experienced before.

What do you do to change the way you live? What do you do to make your life more sustainable? What do you do to lower your impact on the planet?

As for me, I lower my power consumption. I have changed all my lights over to either compact florescent lights or LED lights. I grow many of my own herbs. I buy ebooks instead of paper books more and more to help save trees. My Nook only has to be charged every couple of months so that saves energy. I turn off and unplug what isn't being used so they do not keep leeching energy from the grid. I recycle what I can. This coming spring I will have a garden in which I grove much of my own food. What I can't grow I will continue to buy locally at the farmers market that is held each Saturday throughout the growing and harvesting season.

It is time to start making changes, though they may be hard, to live a better more sustainable life. Take the time to watch this movie. It is very powerful when you think we are on the same road so many civilizations where before us that fell from their great status. As a Druid I want to do more for my planet and home. Perhaps it is time humanity stopped wanting more and more everyday. Perhaps it is time to use what we have until it is no longer useful then recycle it before replacing it. Stop getting that brand new cell phone just because it is newer and better. Stop upgrading your car just because it is now 4 years old and paid off.

Seriously take a moment to think about what you do, what you need, and where you can save energy and materials. You will be shocked at how much more money you have in your wallet in the end as you help save our civilization. Because I promise you this... the planet will go on without us. It will take time to heal the damage we have done but it will go on very happily without the human race. Make no mistake we are not fighting to save the planet. We are fighting to save our species and those that we are destroying with our greed.

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