Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hymn to Persephone

As I am the leader of the DEO group I work closely not only with Demeter but with Persephone as well. Here is a hymn I wrote to Her which was used during a ritual honoring the return of spring and Persephone to the world.

Persephone Invocation

Daughter of the All Father Zeus and Demeter, Earth goddess of growing things,
Hear our call, we pray!

Queen of Spring, flowering goddess of new life, Kore,
Hear our call, we pray!

With the return from your throne in the under world, the home of your beloved husband, Hades brother of Zeus, You bring life back into the world that has been cold and barren from the sorrow of your loss.

With the return to your scared gardens, Kore,
You bring to mankind the promise of life beyond death, the promise that death is not the end for our immortal souls.

You who are the Queen of the Dead,
You how were given power of eternal life,
Hear our call, we pray!

Great Queen to touches all in life and in death,
Hear our call, we pray!

Glorious youthful goddess Kore,
We call to You and ask that you please hear our call,
We invite to our ritual in honor of you,
We invite you to our ritual to welcome the enlightenment you bring!
Blessed Kore be in our grove!
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