Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thought on debating with people on issues

I read this morning on a Facebook post and it really got me to thinking:

"I get why Americans get upset with certain Christians for outrageous stuff they say, such as denying rights. But why argue with them over Bible stuff by quoting other Bible stuff. I don't think Hindus, or Buddhists, or other world religions cite the Bible when they are confronted with the vile stuff some Christian fanatics say. .... The argument should be a secular one based on human decency."

This really brings up a good point. It really is not a good idea to argue the point using materials which the person already does not understand and has a misguided point of view on. All that is going to do is force them into a defensive posture. Once in that defensive state the person no longer can hear what you are saying . And the point of debate is trying to get someone to see your point of view.

Instead debate it from a logical point of view. A prime example of this is how some Christians believe that homosexuality should be outlawed. Well that is all fine and good that they believe such a thing. However, we live in a country where we have separation of Church and State, which means that no religious group has the right to try and make laws which reflect their religious beliefs. Our founding Fathers wanted to prevent this kinds of things from happening like they did in European. This was the reason many came to the new unexplored country. They wanted freedom from oppression. Well by trying to pass laws that limit the rights of others based on religious believes is spitting in the face of our founding Fathers AND it is extremely un-American.

So push your religious beliefs, keep it up, and show the world that our nation really is the two faced back stabbing country the rest of the world sees us as.

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