Thursday, June 20, 2013

Personal Perspective... it's just that Personal!

          I was reminded of a very important fact again yesterday, not that I had really forgotten it as it is how I live my live. Personal perspective is so very important to each individual. It is important to all those around them. Personal perspective is how each of us processes our interaction with we believe to be reality.

          Each of us has our own way of seeing, describing, and understanding events, ideas, and 'reality'. No two people are going to have the same set of logical or mental rules which they do this with. Some of the rules are shaped by our beliefs, some are shaped by our environment, some are even shaped by past events, but nearly all are learned.

          What we need to realize is that since this is our personal perspective that we have not right to try and force others into seeing things our way. It will never happen. We will always view things differently than one another. We may think along similar lines but that's it.... it's only similar lines. We also have to realize that we can not punish people for not seeing things our way. So many of our species past tragedies and most of the current ones are all because others are trying to force people into seeing the world as they do not realizing even they do not see the world the same as one another.

          So please, learn to accept that others have their own perspective. Please learn that you cannot in truth lay down blanket statements of 'fact' about how another person is or is not as this is simply your perspective.
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