Monday, June 17, 2013

Kindness to the Unkind

          I saw this on Facebook this morning. It really got me to thinking about our actions towards other people.

          We meet people in passing throughout our daily lives. Some are pleasant, some are neutral, some are rude and unkind. We ourselves can be any of these and more. But why should we take our moods out on others?

          Is it such a hard thing to extend kindness to those who are unkind themselves? To just smile while saying 'excuse me' in a pleasant tone? Why have we as a people and nation come to the point that not only do we refuse to be nice to others, we allow their actions towards us to alter our moods so deeply?

          Take a moment to smile at someone. Take a moment to hold the door open for someone behind you. Take a moment to just show the smallest amount of kindness because even if you don't see the results it does effect the unkind person which you show it too. Think of a time when you were in a horrible mood and all it took was one single person... with one kind act to change your mood.
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