Thursday, June 20, 2013

Artificial Photosynthesis created!!!

          More and more science and technology is being based of biomimacry. We are beginning to realize we do not have to reinvent the wheel everything we need to solve a problem. Nature has solved many of the issues we as a species face. Generating power through photosynthesis is on of the BIG ones!

          Until now there has not been a real good artificial photosynthesis process... well looks like we might have it now! Take a moment to read this article. You will be just as excited as I am with this one! This is truly amazing! It's about time that we begin to have technology that can power itself simply off light. now get this to market!!! Get this in a spray form that can be put on windows, roofs, sidewalks, cars... let the power revolution begin!

Engineering photosynthesis with DNA to solve the energy crisis

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