Monday, August 13, 2012

Invocation to Demeter

The following is a ritual invocation to Demeter which was written for use in an ADF Grove. At the time this was written I belonged to Grove of the Red Earth, ADF. Demeter is one of my Patrons so I want to share this with those that read this blog.

Invocation to Demeter
By David Crawford; Grove of the Red Earth

Daughter to the Great Titans Kronos and Rhea,

Earth Goddess par excellence,
She who brings forth the fruits of the earth
And the life sustaining grains of the land,
Hear our call we pray!

Great Beloved Goddess Demeter, Mother of Persephone,
Hear our call we pray!

In Your sadness from the lose of you daughter,
The world suffered bitter winter and death, finding no relief or joy,
Teaching men that all things end.
Hear our call we pray!

Demeter, Goddess of the Eleusinian Mysteries,
We come before You in honor of all Your teachings to man,
We come before You to ask that You burn away our impurities
As You once sought to do with Demophon.

Blessed Mysteries of life, death, and life again are yours,
Great Beloved Demeter.
Be in our grove we pray!
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