Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Thought on social media and it's sharing of news

There is a disturbing trend I keep seeing that has me very worried about this country. And when I mention it people say “Oh well you know the media just doesn’t find it interesting enough to really report on.” What the hell is the point of the Internet if not to disseminate information that doesn’t otherwise get spread? As a people we should be outraged and moved by any tragedy.

A prime example of this is the Colorado and the Wisconsin shootings. The Colorado shooting was all over social media. There were prayers and blessings going out to the family of those injured or killed. Yet where are those same blessings for the people wounded and killed in Wisconsin? Sure there were not nearly as mean but there is a more disturbing undertone with these shootings. This was a Sikh temple and the followers of that faith who were attacked. It does look as if it were a possible religious hate crime.
What’s the difference here other than number of people injured?

Another example, right now Congress is about to pass legislation that will seriously limit a single groups ability to protest. Oh yeah so it’s the Westboro Baptist Church who are despicable people. They breed nothing but hate and evil in this world. And YES I am very aware of their hatred specifically towards homosexuals, which I am. But I will defend anyone’s right of freedom of speech. They have as much right to protest at a funeral as I have to protest outside a church or Chick-Fil-A. As long as they are following the law they have EVERY right to protest. Yet this is barely being shared on-line while Chick-Fil-A is being heavily protested.

Again what’s the difference? Think about it for a moment. We should be standing up against ALL these things. If we all supported each other these things would vanish from our society.
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