Tuesday, August 28, 2012

ADF Cosmology part 9

          There are several ideas on where the blessings from the Kindred come from. They can be viewed as coming from the Three Kindred as a whole, which are channeled through the Three Hallows: The Fire, The Tree, and The Well. But the blessings can also be viewed as coming from the specific Deity/Kindred of the Occasion.(Newberg, 2010, p. 46)

          The blessings are channeled into a physical form, most often a beverage. Once infused with the blessings from the rite, the beverage is transformed into the ‘Waters of Life’. These then are passed around to those attending the ritual so they may partake in the blessings bestowed from the Kindreds or the Deity/Kindred of the Occasion. If the Kindred have been invited to join in the worship as participants, it would be fitting for them to be given the chance to also take part of the ‘Waters of Life’.

          In ADF ritual offerings are made to create a reciprocal relationship with the Kindred. Since a hospitality relationship has been created, with those performing ritual the hosts and the Kindred the guest, it is only fitting that gifts are made in return. ‘…, according the laws of hospitality the grater participant gives a greater gift.’ (Newberg, 2010, p. 46)This means that the more powerful the being, the greater the gift which is given in return. This is what entitles the worshipers to ask for gifts in return that would be considered greater than those given.


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