Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Greek Libation Hymn

I wrote this after being inspired by a story from the ARCANA MUNDI. It is a book that is about Greek magic and rituals which have been translated from the Greek papyrus scrolls currently held at a Paris museum. The tell really inspired me and I use this libation hymn in all my rituals:

Libation Hymn:

Great Ones, Shining Gods and Goddesses,
I come to you as in times of old, bringing libations, gifts to honor and soothe:

White milk, sweet to drink from the animal sacred Hermes, the cow; (pour offering of milk)

Golden honey, the distillation of the bees that work on sweet Persephone’s blossoms; (pour offering of honey)

Holy water brought from source a pure spring; (pour offering of spring water)

This refreshing, unmixed drink from the ancient vine, its mother Demeter the Goddess of all growing things; (pour offering of wine)

And here the fragrant fruit of the pale green olive that lives its abundant life among the leaves and light of Helios, the gift of Athena; (pour offering of olive oil)

These gifts I give to you in love and in respect, in friendship and kinship.

Might Ones accept my offerings! 
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