Thursday, August 16, 2012

Deeper reflection on the Nature Spirits

There is a ADF friend on Facebook who started a conversation about who and what the Nature Spirits are… it has really provoked a lot of discussion which is wonderful. It also provokes a great deal of thought in me about the subject as well.

I have already posted a general blog entry on the Kindreds but I really want to take a deeper look at whom and what they are. I see things a bit differently than a lot of my fellow Druids. I think a lot of that has to do with my upbringing and natural talents at seeing the spirit world (not the dead but that layer of dimension just on top of ours).

The name Nature Spirits implies that any being of this nature cannot be mortal. They would be the daimos in ancient Hellenic mythology and religion. And I do agree on that, but I am not so sure that this is the only possible meaning as I have seen animals that boarder on the mythical because of the presence they present. Though they seem flesh and blood they also appear to have one foot in the spirit world and one in the physical world. I believe that those animals are part of the Nature Spirits. I am not saying that any old, let’s say bear, is something supernatural. No, it is more than likely just a bear. But there have been times I have met with animals, one being a bear, which was something more. In each case there was a sense of mythical power, an intelligence that was beyond the common form. That to me speaks of them being a Nature Spirit… in a way kind of like a demi-god from Greek mythology, part god and part mortal. But these are far and few between… the older I get the more I realize that mortal animals are our cousins and these ‘Others’ are Nature Spirits that cross the line between mortal and immortal so they can work in both worlds. 
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