Thursday, August 23, 2012

ADF Cosmology part 6

          There are several relationships that can be defined between the earth and the sky within ADF rituals. The first relationship could be that of the Two Powers and the second could be that of the Sky Father and the Earth Mother.

          Relationship of earth and sky from the aspect of the Two Powers helps to create a connection with the energies of each realm. The earth is the power of renewal and rebirth, for it is from the waters deep within the earth that we return to be renewed. The sky is the power of movement and energetic forces. These two combined balance each other, they balance Order and Chaos so that the cosmos can be not only maintained but moves forward. In the Two Power meditation, people bring these two powers into themselves to gain the strength of each. It provides the same type of balance within the Druid as it does the cosmos.

          Another aspect of the relationship of the earth and sky can be seen in the duality of feminine and masculine divinity. The earth is the power of the Great Earth Mother, she who gives life to all things. The sky is the power of the Great Sky Father, he who gives the seed of life to the Great Earth Mother so that she is able to create life on her surface. Through these two forces comes the power of creation and renewal.
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