Monday, December 10, 2012

Wolves Being Senselessly Killed In Yellowstone

Grey Wolf Pups
Grey Wolf Pups:  Wikimedia Commons
          I was reading through my daily news when I came across the most appalling article I have read in a long time. As a Pagan and Druid it breaks my heart to see animals being needlessly killed.

          But when predators start being killed it seriously starts effecting the eco-system. These beautiful majestic creatures have a very important role in our world. They help keep the balance of predator and pray stable. They hunt other animals such as deer or Elk, which can become plagues on the land when over populated. These herbivorous can wreck havoc on farms, fields and forests alike. Wolves are the nature balance to over population. However we humans have some absurd fear that wolves are dangerous to human. If a wolf or pack of wolves contract rabies from other animals they can become a danger, just like any OTHER animal which contracts rabies. Though wolves are known to kill livestock they kill a much lower portion than even the common domesticated dog kills.

Juvenile Grey Wolf
Juvenile Grey Wolf Wikimedia Commons
          So help educate people. Help free people of this mentality that wolves need to die... that they are a danger that needs to be removed from our planet. Because wolves play an important role in our eco-system!!! And they have just as much right to lives as we humans do.

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