Friday, December 21, 2012

New Blog on building a Druid sustainable living community

          Hello everyone,

          I have created a new blog that is going to serve as a journal for my journey on creating a sustainable Druid community. It will entail everything I am doing, planning, ideas, concerns, successes and failures of this process. It will contain leaks to other forums that I am using as resources and other blogs. I want to centralize this so those involved, those interested, and those wanting to do something similar can learn from what I am learning in this process.

          So please join me in this journey... and if this seems like a community you want to be involved in... let me know! At the 'fulling running stage' there will be 20 full time living homes. So there will be room for people wanting to come and live in a community of ADF Druids how are building a thriving spiritual community.

A Druid Sustainable Living Community

Bright Blessings,

David Crawford

Hierokeryx, Demeter and Eleusinian Order (DEO), ADF
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