Thursday, December 27, 2012

Choose Understanding... Not Ignorance.

          I am always amazed at how ignorant people in our nation are. The prime example of this is the continual focus on any President as being the sole source of our nations issues. Well let me educate some of you, well those that do not know this... the President has little power.

          Our President, any of them in the past or in the future, make up 1/3 of a branch of power. Please see the graphic to better grasp what I am saying. There are 2/3's of the power of our nation that is controlled by Congress. Congress is made of the Senate and the House or Representatives, each holding 1/3 of the power of our federal governing body. So boys and girls what can you deduce from this? That the President alone has VERY little power compared to Congress as a whole?

          What to know something else? Congress are the ones who decide with their votes what laws, taxes, tax cuts, spending, etc that get pushed through. Hmmmm interesting that, is it not? Know what else? YOU and I hire the people who are in Congress. YOU and I pay their salaries, even though they feel THEY can raise them at any time. Well they work for us... not us for them. It is time to educate yourselves.

          If you do not care for the state of our nation, if you do not like what is happening with benefits that WE PAY for with our hard earned money such as Social Security, Medicaid or Medicare... then fire the idiots WE as a people hired. DO NOT go blaming someone who only has 1/3 of the power. Blame those that make the laws, that make the bills, that has 2/3's of the power. Those are the people to go after. The ones that filibuster so nothing can get pushed through. Blame those that get premium federal healthcare at your cost, outrageous retirement plans at your cost, 67 PAID holidays at your cost, three weeks paid vacation at your cost, that have unlimited paid sick days at your cost!

          Choose understanding of how our government works... not ignorance so that everything we work so hard for everyday can and WILL be taken from us by greedy politicians. Yes this is political but it pays to be political if you want to keep what is your earned rights.
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