Monday, December 3, 2012

New lighting... as soon as next year!

          For some time now we have waged war on inefficient lighting. First we had fluorescent lighting. Then came compact fluorescent lights... but of which were much cheaper than using the, by now, ancient traditional bulb. But they are made with extremely toxic chemicals and put off unpleasant lighting, not to mention the annoying humming sounds. Then we  found the wonders of LED lighting... not super cheap... not super bright... LEDs have begun to replace most lighting in homes. They still produce heat and can burn out cause of the circuit board.

          But now.... drum roll please!!!! We have: field-induced polymer elecroluminescent (FIPEL). They promise to change the world again... with safer, cheap, and extremely long lasting light. It can be manipulated into different colors and can be made into different forms (sheets, panels, and even standard bulb size.) To find out more... read this really cool article!
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