Monday, December 31, 2012

Axioms: XIX. Law of Pattern (Knowledge)

“The Magician’s Companion: A Practical & Encyclopedic Guide to Magical & Religious

Bill Whitcomb, 1997
Llyewellyn Publications

XIX. Law of Pattern (Knowledge)

Information can be viewed as a measure of unpredictability of a message. The more
unpredictable a message is, the more information it contains.
In systems, the most probable state is rest (dispersion of available energy). Since
systems tend towards entropy, the least probable state is that of potential work. Thus,
we can think of the degree of order in a system as the amount of energy in it.

Pattern is Information.
Information is Energy.
“Information is Knowledge”.
Knowledge is Power.

To me when I think of this Law I think of a large round boulder sitting at the top of a hill. It sits there, unmoving, day after day. Then one day someone decides to push the boulder down the hill. Effort is put into moving and pushing the boulder. Different ways are applied to moving the massive stone until suddenly it is able to over come it's resting inertia and move down the hill. It's path unpredictable because of all the possible variations in the surface of the hill it is rapidly speeding down.
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