Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Want to grow a better home garden or house plants while stopping waste? Part 2

          Previously I mentioned the use of an indoor composting unit from All Seasons. Well mine arrived Friday while we were out of town. I got started Sunday afternoon when we got home with the scraps from our veggie noodles, old food in the frig that needed to be thrown away, and hard bit of blocked cheese. Monday I added egg shells from John's breakfast and again this morning. It has been going the for two days... and already it is breaking down the food without an odor. There is a fair amount of "tea" already being created as well. I am totally amazed! I can't wait to get the first "tea" out to feed my plants as well as adding it into my hydroponic system for a natural nutrients. What is driving this change? Well I want to stop wasting all the cast offs of our food or leftovers which we just aren't going to eat. Here is the small amount that has already been produced from just 48 hours of composting (see Image 2)! Image 3 is of the actual materials being composted. I am so shocked at how much they are already being broken down.
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Image 2
          This composter not only gives you a "tea" to feed house plants, herbs, but also your house plants. It helps to give them the needed bacterial and nutrients from the compost "tea". It also provides you with a compost to add to your soil both inside as well as outdoor plants. This allows you to add back to the soil what modern garden strips with our artificial fertilizers and nutrients. You will see a massive change in plant quality, quantity, and over all health.
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Image 3

          As I work through learning about all this I will of course be blogging my successes and my failures. I would love to inspire others to take the first steps to learning to grow some of their own goods, stop wasting food cast offs, and helping the earth restore itself.

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