Monday, October 6, 2014

Pagan Heart, Gay Soul... no wait... Quantum Soul... yeah that's it: Pagan Heart, Quantum Soul

Those who know well know I have been 'working' on a book for a very long time. Just recently (... a few nights ago) I wanted a 'made for TV' biographical movie about J.K. Rowling. The movie details her life and her passion for writing, for story telling. I have found new inspiration in her story... not just Harry Potter, but her life story.

So once upon a time I wanted to write a book about being gay and Pagan. I wanted to create a book about how we in the GLBT community were often left out in the cold when it came to religious movements, even within the Pagan community this occurred. I know... I know... "my tradition doesn't...", "Pagans don't...." well yes... they do. Not all of course but there are a number of traditions that do. I experienced much of it my self over my several decades of traveling this path. But then I realized something: It isn't that I am gay and Pagan that has influenced my spiritual path so much as the fact that I am Pagan and firmly believe in science.

Ok...  you can gasp in horror now. No really... I know there will be those that think I am a complete and total idiot for feeling this way. There are those out there that will agree with me. And there are those that might find what I have to say very intriguing from a spiritual point of view. Enough of you read my blog to make me think so... as I have officially hit the 100,000 readers mark after just a few years.

So to that end I started rethinking my book. You know the one I have been 'working' on for so many years? It was once going to be called "Pagan Heart, Gay Soul" but that really doesn't fit my world view anymore and hasn't for some time. However, "Pagan Heart, Quantum Soul" really rather does. Two things have not changed on my path: my heart belonging to both the Pagan Path and to science.

When I came to Druidry it was through my dear friend and cousin James Lock who introduced me to Ár nDraíocht Féin: A Druid Fellowship (ADF). This introduction changed my life. I found the place I call home, even when I do get pissed off with someone or somethings within the organization. It is a way of thinking that allows me to incorporate my decades of training (Pagan, educational, etc), scholarship, and prime belief in science. So... that's how the book is going to be shaped. It will be shaped with the general scope of ADF Druidism as I practice it with my Hellenic Hearth culture, my personal experience, and my love of science.

So today the book is reborn much as I was when coming to ADF: It shall forever be - "Pagan Heart, Quantum Soul - A Hellenic Pagan's path to Druidry"
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