Friday, September 12, 2014

Is it insipid to want to be remembered?

          Sometime ago I posted something on Facebook that asked my friends and family how they would remember when I pass into the  next stage of life. It was something that seemed to strike a few people the wrong way. I was told that it was extremely insipid, lacking taste, for me to ask such a thing, But is wanting to know you will be remembered such a horrid thing? Is not the majority of the creations of man efforts to be remembered long after our time? Is not having children and grandchildren an effort for us to be remembered? 

          Eons of structures built by humans have been created in an effort to immortalize individuals, groups, beliefs, or even entire civilizations. People work hard to leave behind something that will allow them to be remembered. Nancy Greenfield, Chaplain for the Catholic Community Standford University wrote a great essay specifically about this. Several of her headers alone express this idea perfectly:

"Those whom we love live on in our memory."
"Those whom we love live on as inspiration for our lives."

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