Thursday, December 11, 2014

Magic 1 for Priests Part 6

6. Discuss the relative place and methodologies of magic within your personal religious/spiritual practice. (minimum 100 words)

                From the very beginning of my studies on the Pagan path magic has played an important part in my personal practices. Over the years, I learned methods for creating ritual tools which are embedded with power symbols to help with focus, balance, and manipulate energies. Everything from my Hestia lamp to my incense holder are all inscribed with sigils, symbols, and filled with energies through magical skills. Even the act of purification of tools is done through magic.

                Currently I am working with a new type of magic which I call magical circuits. It is a layering of multiple levels of complex sigils and symbols that create specific ‘jobs’ which I then embed into tools. Part of this practice was developed from the Run Valdr techniques developed by Rodney Cox (Cox), partly through the use of traditional Runic symbols and meaning, and partly from a method which I learned from the goddess Hekate when performing trance-journey with her. These circuit embedded tools allow me to free up some of my focus when performing healings or magical acts by being attuned for specific tasks. All I have to do is trigger them then focus on the specifics instead of trying to hold every aspect of the working in my conscious mind.
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